What equipment is needed to make cabinet body and cabinet door?

Issuing time:2018-04-28 14:21

If it is only for the cabinet, it must use CNC cutting machine, full-automatic edge banding machine, side hole machine, six face drill, etc. in addition, it must also use auxiliary software such as air compressor and door hinge drill. Generally, the price of an economical flat plate production line such as a CNC cutting machine with a side hole machine is generally about 150000-200000 yuan. If a CNC cutting machine is equipped with a more high-end flat plate production line such as a hexahedral drill, the price is generally around 300000-400000 yuan. Although there are more high-end online weapons and equipment, the price is also higher. If you only make cabinet doors, you must use carpenter CNC machining center, sanding machine, laminating machine and other key weapons and equipment. The price of general economic and practical production line is about 100000 yuan, and the price of more high-end products is higher. If the cabinet body and cabinet door are made well, it needs a complete set of weapons and equipment. In that way, the output of general economic development funds will be similar to RMB 4.5 million, and the higher end will be about RMB 1 million. Therefore, the main choice depends on everyone's early industrial plant capital construction and overall strength of assets, but also on the market demand.

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