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AJMF-365/368/468 Edge Banding Machine

Brand: AOJIA




奥佳全自动封边机是一种新型、多功能的木工封边机械,主要适用于胶合板,纤维板,微粒板等板式家的板材封边,深受木工家具厂家的青睐。本设备最小可封30mm宽度的板材, 解决了传统手工窄版的模式;且仿形跟踪的技术难度更高,在机械加工工艺方面保证了部件的精密度,突破了PLC的精密控制动作和吃刀量、仿型角度等技术问题。

全自动封边机主要包括机身、各部组件及控制系统等。组件主要有:预铣、涂胶、封边、齐头粗修、精修、仿型跟踪、刮边、抛光、开槽等功能(各功能组件可根据客户需求自选); 机身部分上下横梁采用铝合金材质,确保每个组件的均衡精密度;功能具有前后自动切断、45度上下浮动升降自动修边,上下刮刀、表面抛光等工作单元,采用靠模自动仿型跟踪和高频高速电机快速切削结构,保证封边工件切断面的平整光滑,在生产过程中达到精准、 完美、高效。

The automatic edge banding machine is a new and multifunctional woodworking edge banding machine, which is mainly used for the edge banding of plywood, fiberboard, particle board and other boards. It is deeply favored by woodwork furniture manufacturers. This equipment can seal plates with a minimum width of 30mm, which solves the traditional manual narrow-version mode. Its technical level of filleting is higher so that the precision of the parts is guaranteed in the machining process. and it breaks through the technical problems, such as precision control action of the PLC, the control of the engagement of the cutting edge and the control of the imitation angle.

The automatic edge banding machine mainly includes the main body, components and control systems. The main components are: pre-milling, gluing, edge banding, end trimming, rough finish, fine finish, filleting, scraping, polishing, slotting and other functions (each functional component is optional according to customer needs). The upper and lower crossbeams of the body are made of aluminum alloy to ensure the balanced precision of each component. Functions including automatic front and rear cutting, automatically raised or lowered trimming of 45 degrees, upper and lower scraping, surface polishing and other working units are available. Automatic filleting and a fast-cutting device powered by high-frequency and high-speed motors are adopted to ensure the smoothness of the cross section and to achieve precision, perfection and high efficiency in the production process.


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